Fuck Yeah Dead White People!

This blog is about celebrating the deaths of white people. Let me make clear that I'm not encouraging anyone to commit violence nor am I threatening anyone in any way. I simply wish to make a blog about something that makes me happy and that is when white people die, preferably via brutal murder. If you can't understand why anyone would celebrate this then we will not get along and we shouldn't speak.

flanderization asked: Its only a matter of time before you're doxxed. People will know where you live, they will be able to kidnap you and kill you. You aren't safe. You're a racist and you'll be killed. You're ideology is worse than Hitler and the KKK combined.

No.  Most people actually agree with me on some level.  No one is going to do a motherfucking thing to me.  But they’re not going to find me either.  It is impossible to be racist against white people.  The world now accepts this.  Singling out and murdering white people en mass is not racism.  It has nothing to do with race.  Its perfectly fine to kill white people.  This is widely accepted by the civilized world now and its certainly accepted and encouraged in the the 3rd world. 

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    Considering it can’t be decided whereas it is a muslim, jew, black, male or female, cis or trans, and just about...
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    Prove it.
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    Let’s take a moment to appreciate how much nobody agrees with you
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    you know if murdering whites was ok I would be dead also its still racism even if against white people
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    And those people saying that white people are acceptable targets to kill are evil people who kill more than just one...