Fuck Yeah Dead White People!

This blog is about celebrating the deaths of white people. Let me make clear that I'm not encouraging anyone to commit violence nor am I threatening anyone in any way. I simply wish to make a blog about something that makes me happy and that is when white people die, preferably via brutal murder. If you can't understand why anyone would celebrate this then we will not get along and we shouldn't speak.

royallyannoying asked: I am white. Give me your arguments as of why I should kill myself.

20 million Jews.  99 Million Africans.  That’s just a start.  So I’ve about about 120 million reasons why you deserve to die.  So can you tell me why you deserve to live?

facalamina asked: I'm a white person. I am sorry.

Kill yourself.  It is the only way you can atone.  I don’t want your fucking apologies unless its written in your blood as you bleed the fuck to death.  

evangelionunit194 asked: If someone made a blog called "Fuck Yeah Dead Jews!" or "Fuck Yeah Dead Niggers!" and posted content similar to content posted on this blog, how would you feel?

Its not comparable because cumskins are not human.  Jews and Africans are human.  Cumskins are unnatural abominations.  Even cockroaches have some natural purpose.  Cumskins do not.

So far 196 of the dead are white Europeans!!  So fucking happy right now!  Today is a good day.  

So far 196 of the dead are white Europeans!!  So fucking happy right now!  Today is a good day.  

humanphobicwolf asked: Why are so many people offended by this page?

Because they refuse to own up to their disgusting existence as white people.  They will not face what their very existence does to the world.

alyakimm asked: The death of all white people is not the answer. There are some people that we can educate

No.  Its not about whether or not they can be educated or not.  It doesn’t matter.  They would still exist and that is unacceptable.  

tear151 asked: Is there a path to salvation for vanilla devils such as myself?

Yes.  You have to kill yourself.  The only honorable thing a white person can do is to take their own life.  Its the only real way for you to take responsibility for what you are and what you have done.

doubleside-gevans-and-hyde asked: I've seen a few of your posts on here, questioned alot of your poor judgement reasonings, but if, as you say, all white people must die, what about your people who are white? The jewish white people of the world? You too would condemn them because of something they cannot help?

Jews are not the same.  Race is more than skin color.  We are nothing like those beasts.  I hope you get what you deserve. 

Just a reminder

Killing white people is not murder.  Its justice.

White women can’t be raped.  Only the oppressed can be raped.

White women have no right to reject the advances of POC.  STFU and put out.  

Disagreement with this makes you unfit to live in modern society. 

End it all

The end of whiteness is the end of tyranny.

meltedcritanium asked: So should I just commit suicide now because my skin color is absolutely determinate of my place in society and how I treat other people, and not income or power? Should I off myself before I dare create more white offspring? Should I drink bleach because of things people who were only related to me by the color of my skin did hundreds of years ago?


What? No.

Actually yes.  You should kill yourself.  It is the only way to rid the world of your filth.  If you dare to reproduce you are the worst type of scum.  White people need to voluntarily die out.  I’d prefer you all kill yourselves en mass as to speed the process along but I understand that you’re all sociopaths and have no sense of empathy and insist on living.

whentheymaskedup asked: I'm really sorry for being white. I really try to do better. When people offer me free things for being white I always refuse. Once I got promoted at work for being white and I turned it down. Am I absolved of my skin color yet??


Why are you being so dramatic?


The only thing that can absolve you is for you to put a shotgun down your throat and pull the trigger.

never-surrender-to-the-world asked: Do you realize just how completely the dictionary definition of racist applies to this blog and those who run it?



You can’t commit racism to white people.  NOTHING is racist when aimed at white people.  Not even mass purges.